Body Liposuction

- Duration: 2 – 3 hours 
- Method of anesthesia: anesthesia 
- Be discharged from hospital the same day 
- Thread-cutting and splint time: 2 weeks

What is body liposuction?

This method uses ultrasound waves along with the modern  equipment to do the liposuction.

Remove fat at the arms area:

Abdominal liposuction:

Back liposuction:

Thigh liposuction:

Calf liposuction:

Surgery Objects

  1. Too much fat 
  2. Special case: fat stays at some parts like abdomen, thigh, calf, face, arm 
  3. Rough skin 
  4. Get success without diet


Method of surgery:

The part as abdomen and waist  is whether like S-line or not  is decided by fat.
Abdominal skin cannot operate by normal liposuction so it needs to be applied waist orthopaedic to make slim. 


  1. Safe: hospital will do analysis of health status, age, skin, fat, vessel before surgery.
  2. Surgery as natural diposition of each individual, simultaneously orthopaedic of calf and fat under skin.
  3. Get the slim body after surgery and get the healthy skin.
  4. Selective liposuction: no harm to other parts such as vessels…during the removal of fat.
  5. Using Endomoleage system to manage the surgery helps to reduce the inflammation, skin therapy and bring the flawless skin.

Before - After