We believe that we succeed only when the patient has the good treatment.

Therefore, we set the goal of health care stability and sustainability for his patients.

Founded in 1963, Cheil General Hospital (CGH) health care center & women's health specialist library became the first woman in South Korea. Through 5 decades, Cheil is a pioneer in women's health care and are proud to be the psychological hospital Cheil, with medical services of top quality works according to the motto of the patient's heart.

Currently, Cheil hospital works with 16 and 32 specialist clinics. Cheil's main buildings include hospitals, ambulatory centers, Medical Research Institute, women's Cancer Center, and the Center for maternal and child health care with medical equipment and technology in the fields of fertility, pregnancy, newborn care and endoscopy.

Cheil with more than 1,000 medical staff, including about 50 professors and specialists in obstetrics and Gynecology, creating the largest Korean Institute specializes in women's care. We are committed to the patient that we will do our best to provide the health care services. Cheil's health service has about 300,000 outpatients a year in obstetrics and gynaecology faculties; This proves Cheil is always the best health service in 18 consecutive years (source: Korea Hospital Association). Cheil also headed in the discovery of uterine cancer and gynecological cancer treatment (in a survey on the teaching hospital). Moreover, approximately 7,000 births in Cheil each year has increased the more prestigious for hospitals.

Cheil also boasts the top in the related areas of medicine, such as the treatment of infants and children's health care in Pediatrics, internal medicine, in menopause, breast cancer medicine in surgery, and Urology.

Cheil's ultimate goal is to meet the needs of patients. Cheil challenges and develop on the platform.Cheil plans provide comprehensive health for patients starting with health, pregnancy, serious diseases such as cancer, beauty care and surgical treatment.

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With the slogan women's health care, Cheil comprehensive continuous improvement in reproductive health care, cancer, aesthetic and beauty for women.