Office of Health Tourism Consultant, Cosmetic Surgery Korean direct VIKO ST counseling to understand the needs of each customer, consulting schedule at the hospital, surgery scheduled with experienced experts in prestigious hospitals ... From there, build schedules scientific, rational and cost savings for customers.
In addition, support services such VIKO ST flight bookings; book hotel room; interpreters and witnesses during the consultation, surgery; shuttle and move between airport - hotels - hospitals will assist our customers to dispel any concerns during their stay in Seoul.
Package Process Beauty Travel Services in Korea of ​​ST VIKO as follows:
1, Consultant at the Office ST VIKO
- To receive information and advice unified content, customer support:
- General information;
- Passport information;
- Requirements need support;
- Pictures before surgery;
- Preoperative information.
2, Online support with Korean hospitals
- Announcement feedback from hospitals to clients:
- Surgical therapy;
- The cost of surgery.
3, Consultants visa procedures
- To receive visa
- Guide procedures
- Visa support.
4, Advisory schedule
- Unified content consultant:
- Schedule surgery;
- Deposit payment schedule surgery;
- Drafting contracts, scheduled surgery, sightseeing;
- Clearly identify support requirements of customers while staying in Korea.
5, Unity and signed contract
- Contracting;
- Contract payments;
- Guests receive a complete schedule: Visa, plane schedules, hotel information and phone stays used in Korea;
- Tourism Ministry brochure surgery, sightseeing, shopping.

6, Departure, stay
- Off guests at Tan Son Nhat airport;
- Guide entry, baggage declaration, the road to pick up points in Korea;
- Korean pickup;
- Check in at the hotel.

7, Cosmetic Surgery
- Customers receive advice directly from doctors surgeries;
- VIKO ST interpreting information and advice about cosmetic surgery treatments;
- Money Health Check surgery;
- Cosmetic Surgery;
- Resuscitation and recovery;
- Convalescence in the hospital.
8, Sightseeing, shopping
- Post-operative process and preparation of water:
- Resort hotels;
- Re-examination when required;
- Visit scenic;
- Shopping, learn culinary culture;
- Off guests at the airport, South Korea;
9, Returning to Vietnam - complete schedule
- ST VIKO pickup at the airport Vietnam.