Dr Lee Myung Ju, M.D

1. Introduction :

    He has had training abroad in the major field of plastic surgery, nose contouring, face line contouring, body contouring. He had over 20 year experiences in contouring surgery, especially ‘harmony face line’. He is always on the way of creating the natural beauty while  doing research work.

2. Timeline :

a. Background:

Born in 1960 in a 7 children family in Korea. When he was young, he revealed his talent in music, art and football. When he was a little boy, he had the mind of creation with his toys.

b. Education:

1979 – graduated Kuangchu College

1986 – graduated Chosun University majoring in Plastic Surgery

1992 – graduated M.A of Chosun University

2000 – graduated Dr of JunNam University


c. Experience: 

- 1994-1995: joined in American body Contouring Association and American Plastic Surgery Association

- 1994-2000: studied Dr at Texas University, Southern

- 2004: managed the group of surgering nose contouring in Korean Plastic Surgery Association, Korean Plastic Surgery Association in International Federation of Plastic Surgery.

( only doctors certified by Board of Government of American Plastic Surgery Association become member of ASPS and ASAPS).

Simultaneously, he collaborates and shares medical knowledge with Dr Gunter Plastic Hospital

  • Case Western Reserve International Medical center of Dr Guyuron
  • Plastic Surgery Center specializing nose and breast of Dr Tebbet
  • Plastic Surgery Center specializing skin lifting of Dr Hamra
  • Plastic Surgery Center of Dr Hester
  • Plastic Surgery Center of Dr Isse      
  • Plastic Surgery Center of Dr Paul
  • Plastic Surgery Center specializing liposuction and maxillofacial of Dr Pinto
  • 2001: President of VIP International Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • 2002:Head of Medical Department of Chosun University
  • 2005-2010: Foundation member and official member of Korean Nose Job Surgery Association
  • 2007: Head of Medical Department of Inje University
  • 2009: Head of Korean Nose Job Surgery Association
  • 2010: Head of “Seminar of  Korean Nose Job Surgery Association 2010”

d. Member

  • Member of American Aesthetic Association (ASPS)
  • Member of American Aesthetic Surgery Association ( ASAPS)
  • Korean Doctor Association of Plastic Surgery
  • Korean Plastic Surgery Association

e. Achievement

  • 1996 - become the first doctor performing nose job surgery by rib bones.
  • 2001 – become the first doctor using method of  High-SMAS for skin lifting in Korea.
  • 2003 – develop the research method of performing septal cartilage of nose in surgery.
  • 2005 – develop the method of nose surgery and changing face by using 100% autologuos tissue.
  • 2007 - develop the method of nose surgery “Golden line”
  • 2009 – finish doing research and apply the method “Golden line” and “Harmony face” by using 100% autologuos tissue.
  • Currently, Dr Lee Myung Ju has 4M criteria as:
  • MANPOWER – training, researching and applying in all professional environment.
  • MACHINE – furnishing all safe equipment in surgery.
  • MATERIAL – using materials approved by FDA and KFDA.
  • METHOD – using safe method, rare risk in surgery, high effectiveness.
  • PDCA circle
  • PLAN – plan the schedule in advanced, consult, take care in all cases of plastic surgery.
  • DO – throughout the consulting, quality of one hosital is evaluated.
  • CHECK – safety plays the first element in all cases of surgery.
  • ACTION – effectiveness and satisfaction is focused on all cases in plastic surgery.

f. Vision

The concept of Dr Lee brings “The natural beauty is the reflection of effectiveness”

g. Mission

Brings the natural beauty and confidence for all people through plastic surgery.