Dr Ro Young Woo ( Oracle Dermatology Hospital )

- Kuangchu Military Medical Hospital – Head of Dermatology

- Former Director of Ro Young Woo Hospital

- Former Director  of Oracle – Daechon branch

- Former Director  of Oracle – Shincheon branch in Seoul

Currently, he is the Director of Oracle specializing

  • Facial Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of Korean Dermatology Association
  • Member of Korean Laser Association
  • Member of Korean Dermatology Cosmetic Association
  • President of Korean Scalp Research Association

" Hello!

I introduce myself as a Representative of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Hospital Group, Dr Ro Young Woo

In 2004, we founded hospital in Dossan. We have had more than 60 branches worldwide up to now. After years of operating, we concluded lots of experiences in dermatology and cosmetic surgery. Moreover, we also provide some state-of-art devices as Korean technology standard for some branches worldwide. Besides we inherit forms of therapy technique wonderfully."

Best wishes!