1, Before surgery about three weeks if the flu, allergies or have any symptoms of infection, report it immediately to the hospital.
2, For cases of hypertension using aspirin, should stop taking before surgery about 2 weeks.
3, Stop smoking, alcoholic beverages two weeks before surgery.
4, Do not use painkillers, vitamin E, oral contraceptives approximately 1 week before surgery.
5, Where is the doctor orders an anesthetic, not eating for 8 hours before surgery.
6, Bathing, personal hygiene and cleanliness but avoid steam bath or exfoliating prior to surgery.
7, Wear comfortable clothes, no jewelry, no makeup, no nail polish, pedicure. Need to prepare caps, sunglasses, masks and a few other items on admission.
8, Rest, relax the spirit before the surgery.


1, Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, fruit and liquid food.
2, Painkillers, anti-inflammatory in the first 03 days after surgery as directed by doctors and hospitals.
3, After surgery to ice within 01 weeks, then combine ice and hot mix.
4, After surgery to abandon fixed tape, no collision with the medium surgery.
5, To the hospital for wound care, antiseptic, dressing changes as directed by the hospital.
6 Time cut usually only 5 ~ 7 days after surgery (depending on the method of surgery and each region).
7, After surgery 2 ~ 3 days is the time most swollen and the swelling will decrease gradually in week 2, improved and entirely swelling out at about 02 months after surgery.
8, Absolutely not at high temperatures or too hot, avoid or steam sauna, not drinking alcohol or smoking within 01 months after surgery.
9, Soft pillows with a height of about 30 degrees while sleeping will help to reduce swelling faster. Should lie straight, your back, avoid bending the head, avoid tummy or side sleep this sleeping position and hold for at least 01 months after surgery.
10, After surgery until removed, this should be part of surgical hygiene and non-alcoholic wet paper, odorless.
11, Maybe gentle cleaning and light makeup after suture removal. Avoid bumps into the surgery in the first month after surgery.
12, After surgery (depending on the surgical approach) will be allocated hospital fast topical ointment for wound healing. After cutting can only continue to apply the healing quickly used in combination with topical or transdermal patch after 1 ~ 2 13, against scarring following week.
13, 01 days after surgery can walk relaxing, gentle mobilization.
14, Avoid strong advocacy for about 01 months after surgery.