- Customers wishing to use the service Cosmetic Surgery Tourism in Korea's Office VIKO ST will be the Korean cosmetic doctors onlie free consultation.
 - To ensure that content is the most accurate advice, esthetician need specific images of body parts will Orthopedic many different angles.
 - Customers please visit the head offices to be photographed VIKO ST free or self-provided images in the following specific requirements:
1, Facial orthopedic cases, facial
- Vertical viewing angle shooting
- Left side view shooting
- Capturing a side view to
- Photograph from the bottom up
- Police shoot parts need surgery, therapy
2, Where orthopedic arms, legs, chest, abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks
- Photographed looking straight
- Photograph tilt left
- Photograph inclined to
- Police shooting part need surgery, therapy
General requirements:
Image clarity
Standard form straight angle, tilted 45 degrees and 90 degrees