1, Guide the amount allowed when exiting
Under the provisions of Vietnam Customs, customers are allowed to carry $ 5,000 upon exit. If customers bring exceeds $ 5,000 will be required customs declaration.
2, Guidance for carrying luggage, arranging luggage

- Bring luggage in accordance with the permissible weight limit shown on the ticket. If you exceed this limit customers may have to pay fines for excess charges, penalties for excess costs in Vietnam is $ 10 / kg, in Korea is $ 5 / kg (6,000w / kg).
- Luggage neatly arranged and carefully, to avoid the situation falling outside furniture. Customers should check the identifier to the baggage claim is easy and fast.
- Do not bring liquid, dangerous items in hand luggage.
- Note the standard specifications of hand luggage: Hand luggage weighs 7kg and has allowed a total of three dimensions not exceeding 115 cubic centimeters (56 x 36 x respectively 23 cm or 22 x 14 x 9 inches).
- Prohibited baggage: explosives, flammable (gas, lighters), knives, swords, guns, drugs, foods made from meat (sausage, cotton scrub, sausage, dried beef, canned meat or cakes with meat), eggs (eggs, birds, egg powder), vegetable, fruit seeds, milk and dairy products (butter, cheese).
- Quarantine Agency of Korea will check baggage through measures: use of scanners, sniffer dogs. Fine level for animal behaviors are prohibited from 80 trillion won to 5 million won or imprisonment.

3, Instructions on the customs declaration in Korea
- On the airplane:

- Customers are given to 3 attendant to fill in and submit the declaration on arrival including quarantine declaration (possibly none), entry declarations and customs declarations.
- The forms are as follows: (Client note is printed bold red text)

* First sample: medical quarantine declaration


* Second sample: entry declaration

* Third sample: Customs declaration


4, Get off the aircraft and order entry:

 - Submitting the medical quarantine (the paper was submitted shortly after the plane).

 - Immigration Procedures (Immigration):

Queue after markings in the area for foreigners (Show on-screen instructions words "Foreign Passport").
Presentation of a passport, and entry declaration (Arrival card). Here customers will have photographed and fingerprinted (Note no hats, no sunglasses when immigration procedures).

5,  Get checked baggage

Customers receive luggage at the carousel with the flight number (look at the electronic bulletin board).

6,  Guidelines on the move from the plane to the customs area

- Inchoen International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airport in the world. Therefore, customers noted visual guidance signs on the go. Once off the plane, customers pay attention to follow guide to metro (shuttle train - free, the frequency of 5 minutes / trip, moving 3 minutes) to move to the area of ​​immigration.


7,  Guide the department met at the airport to welcome guests

At the entrance of the airport, interpreter impressive customer names and table names VIKO ST await customers find the table right note his name.

To ease the airport pickup and touch when staying in Korea, customers, international roaming phone (roaming) before boarding. Once off the plane, customers should start to interpreters phone travel guides and pickup easier.