1,  Fees for cosmetic surgery hospitals
- Hospital encourages customers to pay in cash to get the maximum discounts.
- Customer deposits at least 10% of the total estimated hospital charges for the hospital to schedule surgery and stakes will be refunded upon payment of such fees. Deposit fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation customers schedule.
2, The support service fees incurred

- In case of need counseling, surgery at the Institute schedule or needs outside sightseeing, shopping, traveling in the journey, please notify customers at least 2 days in advance and will have to pay more the costs incurred following:
Costs incurred guides if you want to go further counseling at the Institute are not in the schedule. 
- Moving extra cost if moving outside the hotel and the hospital road.
However, we look forward to our customers please contact Representative VIKO ST in Seoul for help when in trouble during their stay in Korea.
3, The note about the costumes, requisites.

Always carry your business cards Representative Office in Seoul VIKO ST, hotels and hospitals.
These essential items should bring:
- Footwear Low
- Caps, socks (socks), boxes (though)
- Jacket (winter jacket and thick for evening wear thin coat on the remaining seasons)
- Long comfortable clothes
- Ready meals, milk, water (in case of difficulty adapting to local food)
- Cotton balls, cotton swab to clean the first few days after orthopedic
- Holders converting electrical appliance into the first round
- Books and newspapers