Orthopaedic Surgery And Breast Reduction

- Duration: 2 - 3 hours
- Method of anesthesia: whole body anethesia
- Be discharged the same day 
- Thread-cutting and splint  time: 10 days

Objects for surgery:

  1. Small and saggy breast
    2. Big and saggy breast
    3. Loss of elasticity and sagginess because of age process
    4. Be saggy for pregnancy and child-feeding
    5. Breast skin loses elasticity for being on diet


Treatment for saggy breast:

Orthopaedic surgery will be decided by customers’ opinion and experts about size, level of sagginess and scar after surgery.

Some methods for orthopaedic surgery:

- Orthopaedic surgery: is the method that doesn’t use the artificial filler but uses natuaral milk duct to stimulate the size and elasticity of breast.

- Process: operate around the nipple, remove a part of the excess skin, stabilize the rest of skin into muscle and then do the orthopaedic for breast as expecting.

Orthopaedic surgery and breast implant: 

- In case of small breast and little saggy: by breast implant, you can posess a round and elastic breast. 

- In case of small breast and over saggy: operate the nipple, remove saggy skin, implant and fix into the upper breast. Breast implant can be done to bring more effectiveness.

Orthopaedic surgery and breast reduction:


Orthopaedic surgery as vertical line: remove and use 500 – 1000ng. After surgery, straight-line scar will appear beginning at the nipple to the lower line of breast.


- Orthopaedic surgery of nipple: the suitable method for operating around the nipple becaue the scar is not left after surgery. It is applied for small breast and saggy.


Orthopaedic surgery with shape of : is the method of surgery following the shape of 오 around the nipple and below it. This method is suitable for the case of changing some breast lines or breast reduction over 1000g.


Levels of saggy breast: 


  • Level  A: the nipple is more saggy than the breast line about 1cm


  • Level B: the nipple is more saggy than the breast line about 1-2cm


  • Level C: the nipple is more saggy than the breast line about 3cm


      1.Ensure high safety because of the usage of the natural milk duct to stimulate the size and elasticity, not using the artificial filler bag.

  1. Reduce pain for blood vessels and nerves because of analizing muscle by endoscopy.
  2. Reduce pain on operating the narrow cut: Operate the narrow cut carefully, not using blood bag so the length of retrieving is shortened.

 Before - After