Orthopaedic Surgery Of Nose Tip

- Duration: 1 - 2 hours
- Method of anesthesia: anethesia
- Be discharged the same day 
- Thread-cutting  and splint time: 7 days

What is orthopaedic surgery of nose tip?

Nose tip is high part and clear-seeing so it affects the appearance beauty mostly. Despite the high nose bridge, nose tip is low and round, the face looks undelicate. In contrast, the nose tip is pointed, you look much younger than your age. 


  1. In case the nose bridge is high but the nose tip is not flat
  2. In case the nose bridge is high but the nose tip is long or short
  3. In case after nose job, the nose tip is pretty lower
  4. In case of changing the form of nose tip after surgery


- In case the nose tip is normal: orthopaedic of nose tip by the treament of pressing the cartilage at nose wings inside.
- In case of nose tip lifting: implant the natural cartilage or fat under skin into the nose tip, and the ear’s cartilage also.
- In case of lifting nose tip high: if nose is turned up that is made by the angle and upper lip over 110o, put more cartilage into.

- Depending on the nose form, lifting of nose bridge or reduction of nose wings will be able to performed.


  1. Using self cartilage will make nose delicate and natural
  2. Using muscle membrane to wrap the cartilage so there is no side reflection
  3. Balance the height, angle and form to make natural nose in general look
  4. Make the natural line from the forehead to nose bridge

Before - After