Orthopedic Abdomen


- Time:  about 2-3 hours

- Anesthesia: general anesthesia

- No eating and drinking: 8 hours before surgery

- Cut sutures: the following 14 days after surgery

- Hospitalized: 1 day

- Bathing: 1 week after, avoid make wet in the surgery region

- Stay in Korea: 2 weeks

Fixed shirt in about 2 ~ 3 months after removing bandage


That is a method of combining liposuction and removal of abdominal skin holistically. Usually, doctor can orthopedic abdomen by liposuction, but for the case of abdominal skin and flabby pendulous, you can use this method. Depending on each client's case that applies the most suitable methods in orthopedic abdomen. At the hospital, before surgery, professionals must learn and analyze methods of orthopedic suit each customer based on: age, skin, fat, fascia status of the customer


  1. Those has a lot of excess fat tissue
  2. Sagging abdominal skin due to loss of elasticity
  3. Generate more stretch marks and saggy abdominal skin after birth
  4. Sagging abdominal skin not only for ordinary fat because muscle tissue aging skin
  5. Unable to restore lost elasticity due to weight over-control
  6. To Orthopedic after liposuction


Whole Orthopedics is common methods to remove the skin from the lower abdomen to the navel. This surgery does not leave big scar that is medium-term scarring.

Mini Orthopedics is a method of removing excess skin on the lower abdomen, which can only efficiently improve the abdomen rather than the whole with small scar

Orthopedics expansion is a method of completely eliminating the mechanical, skin and abdominal fat. This method can improve the entire abdomen shape and make perfect efficiency. Surgery leaves small and long scar that will be hidden inside the underwear.

Orthopedics NỔI is a method of removing skin under 2 connector side roundabout to be used in case of abnormal abdominal weight gain

Inverse Orthopedics is a method used in the case of the lower abdomen is not a problem that only the upper abdomen sagging. Cuts are made according to creases under the chest line. However, in practice, the need for surgical cases this is not much.

The process of abdomen orthopedic surgery

Cut line (broken road); fat layer, depend on the surgery region, could be cut around navel. => Abdominal wall (muscle tissue and fascia) are pulled towards the center=> The remaining skin is pulled down to improve the shape of the abdomen=> The case was before the surgery scar will be pulled on old scars. Other cases will leave scars hidden under the underwear, it will not be visible when wearing a bikini or swimsuit



They are the fat cells grows and blocks together forming protrusions, such cases often appear buttocks, thighs, chest. These blocks fat cells when growing up that impede the flow of blood in the path of blood, skin loses elasticity and smooth.


  1. The surgery will be intensive part in the first few days after surgery, within one week, can be used wet towels to wipe lightly the surgical, avoid wetting
  2. Do not take aspirin, anticoagulants, and oral contraceptives for at least 10 days prior to surgery
  3. After the fat is removed through the "pipe" smoking, the remaining fat can be agglomerated. But we have available solutions to overcome
  4. Water and blood in the body may be discarded during surgery, reasonable diet after surgery is also essential
  5. To recover faster and reduce swelling: should wear fixed immediately after removing the bandage until 2 ~ 3 months later.