Questions and answers


     1. Q: Why do I should contact ST VIKO to perform surgery in Korea?

A: If you do know hospital address or Engish and Korean speaking, you can preform at those hospital. In reality, a majority of clients select ST VIKO for some reasons:  

  • ST VIKO is the first Vietnamese consultancy office which affiliates and introduces the top hospitals specializing skin therapy, stem cells and cosmetic surgery for clients.
  • ST VIKO belongs to KL Group of Korea that has full of authorization like licence, legal status according to the regulation of Vietnamese and Korean government.
  • Customers will receive full of information about hospitals and doctors. Especially, customers will receive detailed consult about the intended surgical section along with the surgery cost, schedule, recommendation before and after surgery.
  • ST VIKO asssists clients to reserve surgery schedule with experienced doctors.
  • ST VIKO assists package service such as visa application, hotel reservation, air ticket, interpreting, sightseeing, shopping, after surgery care only with bargain and reasonable price.
  • ST VIKO signs the contract showing the responsibility and detailed schedule for clients.
  • ST VIKO representative office at Seoul supports to pick up clients at the airport and transport to hotel, along with the consult at clinic. Moreover, ST VIKO will assist clients during the length of staying at Korea. 
  • ST VIKO has responsibility to inquire health status and obtain information after clients come back to their country.
  • If clients combine beauty service with shopping, sightseeing and relaxing, ST VIKO will arrange schedule and support enthusiastically during the time of staying at Korea.

      2.  Q: What do I need to prepare before landing to Korea?

A: Before landing to Seoul, clients will get air ticket, visa and schedule at ST VIKO office.

In schedule at Seoul, there has some recommendation and preparation for each case.

Usually, be awared of taking: shoes, sandals, hat, umbrella, processed food, loose clothes, swab … 

      3. Q: The cost of therapy and surgery that newspaper office with me and the actual cost of hospital in South Korea have difference?

A:  Office STVIKO not interfere in matters aesthetic costs, expert witness fees fine by the hospital note to clients. Also, when through VIKO ST Advice Bureau, customers also reduce costs by 10-30% depending surgery each hospital.

      4. Q: How do I look for a few hospitals ST VIKO introduces?

A: Before landing to Korea, ST VIKO will provide full of information about the clinic, hospital and a source of comment in order for clients have the understanding about that.    

     5. Q: I hear that if paying by cash, the surgery cost will be discounted?

A: Some hospitals that ST VIKO affiliates, will discount 10-15% on the total of surgery cost if paying by cash.

     6. Q: As I know when going abroad, the amount of money is in the pocket only about $5,000. So, if the surgery cost will be higher, what will I do?

A: As regulation, going abroad only takes around $5,000. Therefore, when clients need to send a big amount of money, ST VIKO office in Vietnam will receive and keep; then clients just take back that amount at ST VIKO office in Seoul.


     7. Q: After finishing surgery performance and come back, can I contact ST VIKO again when having some inquiries?

A: After finishing surgery performance and come back, ST VIKO still has responsibility to ask after  clients. Thus, when you have some troubles, just feel free to contact ST VIKO, and we will reply as soon as possible.


     8. Q: During the time of staying at Seoul, What does ST VIKO take responsibility?

A: ST VIKO supports clients staying at Seoul such as:

Pick up at airport if requested.

  • Transport to reserved hotel and drive to hospital for consulting and visiting.
  • Interpret and translate when clients communicate with doctor. 
  • Assist to take care of clients during the length of hospitalization. 
  • Support food preparation, tools after surgery…
  • Provide the address of sightseeing, shopping, food… 
  • Online chat with clients when staying at Seoul (ST VIKO call 24/24).


      9. Q: Before surgery, do I have writing agreement ?

A: Before surgery, clients will be given detailed explanation on content ; then clients will sign in The Agreement.

The Agreement will be written in English and Korean. In case clients cannot understand the content , the interpreter will explain clearly before signing.


      10. Q: Do I have the interpreter in the hospital I choose?

A: In hospital system that ST VIKO links, some of them have interpreter but some don’t have. However, ST VIKO will support interpreter in case clients have some barriers about language. 


      11. Q: Can I arrange an appoinment with my intended doctor?

A: ST VIKO assists to appoint experienced doctors. Moreover, clients can make an appointment with the intended doctor. The cost of appoinment is 10% on the total intended cost, but clients will receive that amount when paying before surgery.


      12. Q: Do I have to deposit before going? what happens in case of not depositing?

A: After obtaining surgery information, hospital, doctor.., clients deposit 10% on the total intended cost in order to get schedule of consulting and surgery. That amount will be refunded when paying before surgery.

In case of not depositing, ST VIKO still supports to get schedule of consulting and surgery by oral. However, by depositing will be preferential.


       13. Q:In case of depositing but not flying to Korea, will the amount of deposit be refunded?

A: In case of depositing but not flying to Korea,  ST VIKO will keep your amount of deposit until you are about to fly.

In case of depositing but not performing surgery anymore; as regulation, that amount won’t be refunded.


       14. Q: Do I have hospitalization after surgery?

A: At hospitals ST VIKO links, there has a lot of rooms for hospitalization with furnished equipment. And that amount will not be charged.


       15. Q: Does ST VIKO has pick up service at airport?

A:  ST VIKO has services such as pick-up and see-off at Korean and Vietnamese airport.


       16. Q: What will I do if I want to connect with my family in Vietnam in case my phone is not roaming at Seoul?

A: Before flying to Korea, customers should sign up for international roaming. It is easy to contact family in Vietnam and pick up at the airport. Moreover, we will assit to lend you mobile phone to communicate with family in Vietnam.


        17. Q: What will I do if I didn’t satisfy or feel inconvenient after surgery?

A: After surgery, depending on the natural disposition, it will take a certain time to stabilize naturally. However, after a period of stability, the customer still has some dissatisfaction, ST VIKO along with the hospital will find out cause and solution. The hospitals associated with ST VIKO, usually have warranty from 6 months  to 18 months depending on the service. 


        18. Q: Can I combine surgery with shopping, sightseeing?

A: Yes, customers can combine surgery with sightseeing and shopping. We will give detailed consult in order for customers to get the schedule.


        19. Q: Can I go with one interpreter during the time of Seoul?

A: Please let us know in advanced if you need one interpreter.

Interpreting price is listed as table below:



Additional cost


Unit price



Interpreting for surgery


$   80.00

5hours/per period


Interpreting for surgery


$   45.00


Interperiting and care service


$ 150.00



Interpreting and tour guide


$ 130.00

10hours/per day


Interpreting and tour guide


$   80.00

5hours/per period


    20. Q: I have a group of friends would like to travel self-sufficient and perform surgery, can ST VIKO help us?

A: ST VIKO provides the tour package and make beauty. We understand the clients’ need in order to tailor the schedule. Please refer self-sufficient tour of ST VIKO.


    21. Q: Does ST VIKO support to make visa application, book air ticket, and reserve hotel?

A: ST VIKO assists to make visa application, book air ticket, and reserve hotel; all are free of charge.


    22. Q: Do I have to pay introduction fee and additional fee for ST VIKO?

A: ST VIKO is the prestigious partner of some top hospitals; and they support us to do consulting and take care.

Clients just pay the fee such as: introduce hospital, pick up and transportation, interpreting, visa making, air ticket booking, hotel reservation. Those cost $250.


     23. Q: I go with some people in a group. But I only am the one to take advise and perform treatment. So, does ST VIKO assist to make visa and book the same hotel for the rest when they are with me?

A: If the rest of people in a group follow the regulation to make visa, ST VIKO will help.

If clients feel like staying the same hotel with the rest, ST VIKO will support.

However; depending on the number of people, you have to pay the additional cost. If you only have one person going with, you are free of charge. But you have more than two people going with, the additional cost will be informed specifically before flying to Korea.


     24. Q: How long is the fat transplanted? How often does the cost calculate?


  • Fat transplant often is performed 2 times, the distance between the first and the second is about 2-5 months depending on natural disposition.Stored time for the frozen fat is maximum 6 months; it means fat only is stored during 6 months if the customer continue to transplant with the fat took. Fat will be taken once by means of anesthesia and usually taken at the thighs because of its elasticity and survival. Also, fat can be taken in other body parts such as belly, arm…
  • The price is charged at the first time. The second is economical.
  • Fat transplants 1st: After transplanting time to stabilize fat, fat accounts for only 50-70% survive, the rest being consumed by not enough blood to feed 100% of transplanted fat. So fat transplantation to 2nd.
  • The first transplant: After stability period, fat survival is about 50-70%, the rest being consumed by not enough blood to feed 100% of transplanted fat. Therefore, the second transplant is performed.
  • The second transplant is usually satisfactory. Transplanted fat will survive longer (about 4 ~ 5 years) depending on natural disposition, daily activity, life habitat, and aging process.

      25. Q: How will the hospital take responsibility if surgical damage?

A: To avoid damage in surgery, clients should be awared:

  • Understand clearly the surgical method being performed.
  • Obey the recommendation before and after surgery.

ST VIKO affiliates with top and prestigious hospitals in Korea, so the surgical damage happened is very rare. However, each treatment has different time of warranty; usually from 6 months to 18 months. During that time, clients will have benefit of free warranty for some surgical damage.


      26. Q: Is there a difference between the cost ST VIKO gives and the real cost hospital does?

A: ST VIKO doesn’t interfere with the cost hospitals inform. However,  the customer will get discount of 10-15% up to each hospital when contacting ST VKO.


      27. Q: If to Korea I am not in contact with a representative office in Seoul VIKO ST, I have to do?

A: The Office of ST VIKO in Seoul serves customers 24/24. So, customers can contact us at any time.In case due to malfunctioning phone line, please contact us about consulting office ST VIKO in Vietnam (24/24): 0098/08 3774 0989359587 or Viber: 0989 359 587