Re-surgery Of Two Jaws

- Duration: 2 - 3 hours 
- Method of anesthesia: anesthesia 
- Hospitalization: 1 - 2 days 
- Thread-cutting and splint time: 2 weeks


1. What is re-surgery of two jaws?

This method is applied for the failure of the first time or some abnormal symptoms.


2. Surgery Objects

  1. Trường hợp cằm không lùi vào trong nên không đem lại hiệu quả chỉnh hình 
  2.  Face is not delicate 
  3. Face is angular 
  4. Face is deflected because of the inhomogenous cut 
  5. Face looks unnatural due to the loss of cutting bone


3. Method of surgery:

This method is operated inside the mouth. There are two methods:
* IVRO is applied for someone has problems with jaw bone.

* SSRO is the most popular method. It is safe in the first step; reduces the pressure of surgery jaw bone and gets success in physical treatment.

4. Advantages:

  1. Analyse the reason of the first failure
  2. Experts run the operation
  3. Diagnose the facial structure by 3D system.
  4. Be more effective in the re-surgery

Before - After