Stem Cell Center

Refresh your life by center of stem cell treatment

Our center of stem cell treatment would like to help everyone make their dream of keeping the youth and healthy life. U-cell is basic treatment based on research of cause disease. Our rich experience combines with modern technology, U-cell guarantee satisfaction without surgery.

Rehabilitative treatment

Minimize rehabilitative period by careful after-surgery service

After surgery, swelling (edema) incurred by fat cells surrounding blood vessels interfere blood circulation, reduce metabolism lead to slower recovery. System care after surgery promote evacuation of fat cells, toxins, improves blood circulation, shorten recovery time and reduce swelling.

• Treatment LLD (natural ingredients therapy)

• Treatment V.A.M (injection therapy)

• Treatment of O2 (oxygen therapy)

Anti-aging treatment

Improving in the best way for your body

The most important issue for middle age is anti-aging. U-Cell Center provides appropriate test to analysis and custom fit for your situation, rejuvenating your body to not only outwardly but also inside your body.

• Therapeutic W (Wellness, Wise)

• Therapeutic L (fat soluble)

• Therapeutic U (Ultra)

Cancer Treatment

Seeks to improve standard of patient life by providing safe chemotherapy, less pain and fewer side effects.

• Chemotherapy (treatment of melanoma)

• Treatment immunocyte

Stem Cell Treatment

Rejuvenate your life with U-Cell!

Satisfactorily effective with treatment by modern and safety equipment.

• Treatment of lymphedema / trophedema

• Treatment for hair loss

Weight Loss Treatment

Provides both whole body treatments and partial body treatments by chosen and treated based on symptoms / condition of body.

• Treatment PLD injection

·      • Treatment injected Lypoaran