Surgery  “ CAT ”

- Duration: 30 minutes 
- Method of anesthesia: anesthesia 
- Be discharged from hospital the same day 
- Toperfect face at profile corner


1. What is surgery “CAT”?

This is the method of lifting nose and philtrum which is concaved; it makes mouth little protruded and face look lovley at profile corner.


2. Surgery Objects

  1. Philtrum is flat and plain 
  2. Protruded mouth 
  3. Aquiline nose 
  4. Face in general look is not pretty


3. Method of surgery:

    3.1 Using filling substance:

- Ideal angle from nose to lip is 900. Doctor will consult first and then mark the postion of surgery for each individual

- Operate inside the mouth and then put the filling substance on the marked position

- Strong point: suitable with individuals, long lasting effect

   3.2 Using Filler:  This method requires experienced doctors for some reasons below:

- If injecting filler too much, lip line will be blurred gradually

- If injecting filler little, it will be seen


4. Advantages:

  1. Combining nose surgery will bring more effective
  2. Nose seems to be lifted even when no surgery
  3. Face looks pretty
  4. Mouth is little protruded

Before - After